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     Our Community Service Program supports our Lowcountry community by making charity quilts which are donated to local nonprofit organizations who provide relief to the poor, the distressed, the underprivileged, the elderly and veterans or advocate for families suffering from domestic violence, rape or child abuse, such as Bluffton Self Help, Hopeful Horizons, CAPA and Penn Center.   

April 2021 Community Service Work Day

We held our first in-person event on April 6 at the Hilton Head Island Hargray office. It was wonderful to get together with members and begin to emerge from the past year's restrictions. The room capacity is limited to 10 at a time, but we didn't come close to that at any time, so if you were leery about social distancing, please be assured that coming back to Community Service days is fun and safe. We were able to sort through some of the enormous stash of completed tops that you have been creating, and get kits and quilts ready for distribution. Members dropped off 4 completed quilts and 14 "sandwiches" and some pre-cut kits were picked up.

We have a supply of sandwiched quilts and precuts that are available. You can contact me and we'll arrange for delivery or pick up as you like. Plenty of space to work, and lots to do!

Lisa Jacobsen at Lisa Jacobsen's Email


February 2021

We delivered 76 quilts to the Sandalwood Food Pantry on February 23rd. Rev Nanette Pierson tells us: " In times such as these, we are seeing more and more families arriving to our pantry and yet we remain hopeful that no one goes to bed hungry on our Island. Our little ones give you a thumbs up, because they know all too well that Hunger Hurts their tummy's every day. Your support, with the food drive and now these precious quilts, allows us to focus on feeding the hungry, and keeping them warm, as we move closer to our dream of building a Safe Resilient Pantry to call Home. A Place where our clients can be safe by choice and not chance when the next Hurricane or Pandemic, as we are experiencing right now, hits our Island. Your continued connection throughout the years, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, allows us to keep our doors open and bring hope to so many people who stopped believing hope was possible as we continue nourishing the Bodies, Minds and Spirits of all who Hunger! There is no way to fully express our gratitude but to hold you in our hearts as a friend of the Pantry. As we give thanks for the food we are about to receive, we will silently give thanks to you as one more answer to our prayers in times such as these. . . 


     Our Outreach Program works with local organizations who provide services to seniors, schools and veterans.  We provide wheelchair bags, memory mats and lap quilts to veterans and retirement communities, and offer workshops for local schools. 


Thank you to all the Guild members who have made masks for our Medical and First Responder Heroes!


There is a shortage of face masks, not just locally, but across the country.  We have joined the fight against COVID19 by making face masks to help protect our medical and first responder heroes!  These fabric masks can be worn over the special N95 mask to give it more longevity since the fabric face mask can easily be removed and washed.  They can also be worn by anyone who is coughing and sneezing to help minimize the spread of their germs.


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