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January 2021 PQG Membership Meeting   

January 21, 2021 Via Zoom

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Social Hour begins at 12:00 

Program: "Love Where You Create: It's Not a One Size Fits Solution"

Learn to build a creative place that works for you, your space, your your budget and where you are right now.

Speaker: Lilo Bowman

Lilo Bowman has worked as a floral designer translator, tour guide, wedding planner and is now editor-in-chief of the Her work has been varied, often challenging, but always creative.

Since early childhood she has been instilled with the desire for and love of doing something with your hands, learned by observing the varied and beautiful items crafted by both of her grandmothers. Raised in a German culture, Lilo was always keenly aware of and fascinated with objects (whether utilitarian or decorative) that were attractively displayed while still being orderly.

Food, travel (both as a military wife and tourist) and curiosity about other cultures have also played a large role in shaping Lilo's sense of taste and design and her understanding of how others prioritize the items they choose to have in their homes. Being surrounded by strong, independent and civic-minded female role models has instilled a sense of "you can do this" and "consider others" along the way.

When not working, Lilo travels, gardens, works on DIY projects with a ragtag bunch of rescue pets nearby and spends time with her extended, loud, noisy, always food- and travel-talking family.

Check her website for more information:

Note: There will be no workshop in January.

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Board Notes

Highlights from October 27, 2020 Board Meeting

* New criteria developed to determine workshop fees and the cancellation of workshops

* Beach and Tennis is open for meetings, maximum 50 people with social distancing

* Work proceeds on selling items at WAHHI meeting on December 8th - Call Donna Simmons to volunteer

* Work also proceeds on Online Auction effort

* Member Recognition meeting to be held on November 12th

* Continue looking into electronic membership cards, proposed content approved

Guild Food Collections

In place of our November Holiday Luncheon, we collected food donations on November 19th. We collected over 100 pounds of food, children's shoes and over $260 for use in three of the food pantries in the area; Beaufort HELP, Bluffton Self Help and Sandalwood Community Food Pantry. Thank you to everyone who participated and to the member leaders. 

Community Service also provided 20 quilts to be distributed at Bluffton Self Help.

Sandalwood Community Food Pantry said " Your support allows us to keep focused on feeding the Hungry as we move closer to our Dream of building a Safe Resilient Pantry to call home."

Our First Zoom Workshop

On the left is a picture of the attendees of the Mel Beach, "Slice of Improv!" workshop, including Mel Beach, second from the left. Everyone said they had a great time and learned a lot. For several it was their first time attending an online workshop. For others, they had found them successful and wanted to attend this one as well. 


The Palmetto Quilt Guild, Incorporated is a South Carolina nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of quilting through our educational and charitable activities.    

Our Purpose:  Promote and preserve the art of quilting; Educate the membership on the history of quilting, its intricacies and ongoing evolution, and provide the opportunity for education, communication and participation to enhance the member’s enjoyment in the art of quilting; Promote the art and craft of quilting to the general public by increasing awareness of quilt history, design, and preservation through education and exhibits.

We have 10 membership meetings a year, which are open to the public, and feature nationally-known speakers who share their quilting knowledge and skills through our workshop program.  Guests are welcome!

Members get together more informally through our various Bees, and to increase awareness in the quilting arts, The Guild presents a judged Quilt Festival with over 150 quilts on display.

The Palmetto Quilt Guild offers a wonderful opportunity for beginning to experience quilters to share a common passion for the art of quilting. We welcome new members!

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The Palmetto Quilt Guild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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The Palmetto Quilt Guild welcomes new members!  Whether you want to learn to quilt, or you are an experienced quilter, membership in the Guild offers a wonderful opportunity to meet interesting and talented quilters who always are willing to share their knowledge, experience and passion for the art of quilting, as well as, an opportunity to support our Lowcountry nonprofit organizations through our Community Service and Outreach Programs.

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